Boarding School Magazine

The Boarding Schools' Association represents the interests of 550 of the major independent and maintained boarding schools in the UK. It reflects the ideas, policies, concerns and interests that make modern boarding schools so sought-after in the UK and abroad.

Boarding School magazine is read by heads, bursars and key teaching staff in UK boarding schools.  It is the magazine of the Boarding Schools' Association.

'In 2005 boarding schools spent £86 million on boarding accommodation - a total of £551 million was spent maintaining and improving facilities within independent schools.' ISC Census 2006


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"is has something for everyone and is essential reading because it is seizing on so many issues in international education." C S, Brussels.

"What a great job: interesting articles, great layout and generally a 'good read'." J H, Istanbul

"Congratulations on a superb publication!" J J, Budapest

"Kudos on the latest edition of is! Looks great, reads great, feels great. Super job!" P M, Zurich